At Issiah Mobile Auto Detailing we offer packages to fit exactly what your looking for. Our top level package is our mobile car wash with full interior car detailing. Getting this package will focus on removal of any stains on the cloth seats or carpeting, wiping down scrubbing all plastic surface as well vacuuming, as for the exterior gets a good foam wash then to prepare it for strong level of protection that will be able to last for the coming months or inbetween season. We are 100% mobile detailing and this package can be done at your home location near Elk Grove, CA 

  • Cleaning Process


  • 1. Pre-Rinse & ONR Wash
    Rinse the vehicle with ONR & do our contact wash microfiber towels.
  • 2. Clean Wheels & Tire & Dressing
    Using a All-purpose cleaner to loosen dirt and clean wheels & tires to then apply dressing.
  • 3. Clay Bar Treatment
    Clay bar the paint & glass to remove any physical containmets to prep it for wax
  • 4. Apply 3-6 Months Spray Wax Sealant
    Applying a 3-6 month spray sealanf to give a good level of protection between seasons.
  • 5. Blow Out & Vacuum
    Loosen any dirt or debris out of small areas or any tight areas, vacuum entire interior as well as trunk.
  • 6. Remove any loose debris or trash from the vehicle.

    Getting any big pieces of trash removed to make vacuum process easier.

  • 7. Clean Plastics, Doors & Leather Seats
    Using all purpose cleaning with brushes we clean all plastic, trim, doors or leather seats from any dirt or grim.
  • 8. Shampoo Cloth Seats, Carpet, Floormats & Headliner
    Using carpet shampoo we apply that to the fabric material, use a drill brush to loosen dirt then extract the dirt with a towels.
  • 9. Final Blow Out & Vacuum
    Giving one final blow out & vacuum to remove any last bit of crumbs or dirt.
  • 10. Steam Clean
    Steam clean all fabrics to help dry faster & sanitize.
  • 11. Add Fabric Protection

    Apply fabric protection on carpet & cloth seats that will help against stains & make easier future cleaning.

  • Pricing:

    Flat Rate: $300

    Price may vary depending on the size & condition of the vehicle.

    If there is staining or pet hair (we can't promise 100% removal). 


Corrie C 

Isaiah did a great job! Came on time and did 2 of our vehicles and they look amazing brand new! We will definitely be using him again! So nice he was able to do it at our house too!