When it comes to interior car detailing starting off with a basic interior is the way to go if your not looking to do any shampooing of any fabrics such as seats & carpet, but still want all the plastic, trim cleaned as well as a good vacuuming. 

  • Cleaning Process

  • 1. Remove any loose debris or trash from the vehicle.

    Getting any big pieces of trash removed to make vacuum process easier.

  • 2. Blow Out & Vacuum
    Loosen any dirt or debris out of small areas or any tight areas, vacuum entire interior as well as trunk.
  • 3. Clean Plastics, Doors & Leather Seats
    Using all purpose cleaning with brushes we clean all plastic, trim, doors or leather seats from any dirt or grim.

  • 4. Final Blow Out & Vacuum
    Giving one final blow out & vacuum to remove any last bit of crumbs or dirt.
  • 5. Steam Clean
    Steam clean all fabrics to help dry faster & sanitize.
  • 6. Clean Interior Glass
    With are glass cleaner we go over the interior glass to leave it steak free.
  • Pricing

    Small Vehicles: $90

    Mid-Size Or Small SUV: $110

    7 Passenger SUV or Big Truck: $130


    Price may vary depending on the size & condition of the vehicle.

    If there is staining or pet hair (we can't promise 100% removal). 


Julie Salehi

Issiah came to my home on an early Saturday morning. He arrived a few minutes early and was able to compelete the task in the agreed time which was important as I had travel plans. My interior was detailed well and my family was impressed. I would recommend him to others and call him back for future needs. Reasonable pricing.