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Car Odor/Mold Removal Package

Have unwanted odor's in the interior of your vehicle near Las Vegas & Henderson, NV, this car detailing odor removal service will help reduce or completly remove the odor from within the interior by performing a chemical cleaning on all surfaces from plastics, cloth material & leather to remove any nicotine on the surfaces to prep the interior for an ozone treatment to kill as much of the smell off as possible depending on how long the smell as be in the vehicle.

  • Cleaning Process

  • 1. Remove any loose debris or trash from the vehicle.
     Getting any big pieces of trash removed to make vacuum process easier.
  • 2. Loosen Up Any Pet Hair
    Using a pet hair brush to loosen up the hair to be vacuumed.
  • 3. Blow Out & Vacuum
    Loosen any dirt or debris out of small areas or any tight areas, vacuum entire interior as well as trunk.

  • 4. Clean Plastics, Doors & Leather Seats
    Using all purpose cleaning with brushes we clean all plastic, trim, doors or leather seats from any dirt or grim.
  • 5. Clean Rubber Floormats & Protect
    Using all-purpose cleaner and drill brush to clean the rubber floormats from dirt & debris & protect them with are dressing.
  • 6. Shampoo Cloth Seats, Carpet, Floormats & Headliner
    We apply carpet shampoo & enzyme cleaner to the fabric material, use a drill brush to loosen dirt then extract the dirt with a towel.
  • 7. Final Blow Out & Vacuum
    Giving one final blow out & vacuum to remove any last bit of crumbs or dirt.
  • 8. Steam Clean
    Steam clean all fabrics to help dry faster & sanitize.
  • 9. Clean Interior Glass
    With are glass cleaner we go over the interior glass to leave it steak free.

  • 10. Change Cabin Air Filter (Customer Must Supply Air Filter)
    Once the vehicle has been for cleaned & ozone machine ran, we change the cabin air filter supplied to us by the customer to insure the smell isnt going to be blow back into the vehicle once the ac is turned back on.

  • 11. Fabric Protection

    Spray fabric protection on all fabric materials that help aganist spills & stain, as well as making it easier to clean.

  • 12. Run Ozone Generator
    Once everything is clean & protected we use our ozone generator in the car for at least 1-2 hours depending on how severe the mold & odor was is, once the 2-4 hours are done we roll down the windows to let fresh air into the vehicle.
  • 13. Second Ozone Generator Treatment

    After getting your vehicle back & you still have some odor that wasn't removed, this service includes a addition run of the ozone machine free of charge for another 2 hours to get the smell to be 95%-100% gone.

  • Pricing:

    Coupe: $280-$310

    Sedan: $310-$340

    SUV/Truck: $340-$370

    depending on size & conition of vehicle & if theres any pet hair or severity of the odor.